Shipping Costs are based on weight:

International Small Package SAL (SeaAirLand) Shipping:  Maximum Weight: 3000 grams (3.0 kg) or 6.6  lbs.

International Parcel SAL (SeaAirLand) Shipping:  Parcels from 3001 grams (3 kg, 6.6 lbs. ) to 5000 grams (5 kg, 11 lbs.)

International Parcel SAL (SeaAirLand) Shipping:  Parcels over 5000 grams (5 kg, 11 lbs.)

Note: SeaAirLand shipping is not available to some countries. If this is the will contact you after you place your order with a revised cost for shipping.


For quicker shipping of 5 – 12 days with International Small Package Air  (Maximum Weight: 2000 grams or 4.4 lbs), please e-mail for a quote. The cost will be about $4 USD ($5.47 AUD, €3.76 EUR, £2.65 GBP)  per 227 grams (8 oz., 1/2 lb.). An option of Registered Mail/Post is also available with Small Package Air.


We offer a 30 day return window after goods have been received, return postage will have to be paid by the buyer and the item returned in new condition.

On the return of any goods we will refund the sale price. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any shipping costs.

* Urgent orders can be shipped by EMS express services. These shipping costs are quoted on a case by case basis.

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